Portable Python

1.0 Beta

Portable version of Python to stick on your USB


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Portable Python is mini version of the Python object based programming language that is slowly gaining favour in developer communities.

This version has been reconfigured to offer its users the opportunity to use their regular programming environment in any place, at any time, directly from their USB memory devices.

The Python language has found popularity primarily due to it being 'easy' to use, and it is often the first port of call for novice programmers. Its code is pretty clean, making it easier to read, and it is a versatile language that lets you build applications for multiple operating systems and web applications.

To install this app, just copy the folder contained in the .ZIP file and run the tools you need from there.

Includes Python 2.5. Bare in mind that the programme is still in BETA, and its use is recommended for experimental use. Whether you are a beginner or not, it is recommended to take a look at the manual Python para todos by Raúl González Duque.

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